As we bid farewell to the end of the summer and gear up for the start of autumn, here at Dotmaison we thought it’d be a great idea to celebrate some of the colours and senses associated with the fall. It’s a perfect time of year for bringing some of the outside inside, and this can be applied easily and effectively with the help of some well placed designer items. Take the Greenhouse on Stand with Glass Dome by Sagaform (above). This offers a perfect way to grow herbs and plants in the home. Available in a variety of three different colours, the planter offers a secure and simple base for home gardening.

But the secret of blending autumnal senses can take on a number of different directions. Colour is one of the most predominant when designers think of things associated with the season. That is clear enough when viewing the Tahiti Duo Salt and Pepper Mill by Peugeot (above). Produced using a matt wood and an elegant body, the specially designed Tahiti 15cm Salt and Pepper Mills feature a small brushed steel button for convenient use. The Salt and Pepper Mills have been created in four different colour combination each representing a season of the year, with this one wonderfully capturing the essence of autumn.

Warming shades of brown can bring a real sense of comfort when used around the home in various ways. The classic Pantone mug designed by Room Copenhagen has always been an ideal way to celebrate the power of colour in the home. There is a literal universe of colour offered within the range, including the perfectly rich tone of brown (above) that beautifully puts a highlight on the home space and the season outside. Proudly presenting the Pantone name and colour code, the mug could make an ideal gift and is a welcome reminder of the importance of colour and sense.

As well as the recognition of warming shades of colour, our sense of smell is also of real importance in capturing a comfortable and welcoming Autumnal feeling. Natural fragrances can be conveniently brought into the home, with the best scented candles and reed diffusers providing a stylish and practical answer to the question of how to make your home beautifully autumn-like. The above Millefiori Milano Natural Fragrances Reed Diffuser features a compelling scent of vanilla and wood, created to produce a beautifully relaxing and peaceful scent in the home. The delicate aroma is ideal for producing a welcoming sense of autumn, whenever you are looking to add a soothing and peaceful treatment to the place.