The winter can be a beautiful time of year in many ways – romantic and scenic views across the landscape, peaceful dark nights and tranquil glimpses of sun through the dawn. It also offers lots of opportunities for combating the cold, because chances are it might get a bit chilly at some point! Thankfully, when this is case there are many items here at Dotmaison that can help. Here are just a few of them…

The above Cone Quilted Blanket in Rose by Ferm Living showcases just how attractive a solution to these concerns can be. Created out of a poly-cotton mix with extra polyester padding, the blanket is ideal for snuggling up to and keeping warm on the wintry nights. The print design features little cones recalling youthful adventure and excitement and would make a great gift for family with small children. Able to be machine washed, the blanket provides a resilient and comfortable item for keeping warm and happy.

For an opulent, extravagant look and feel for the bedroom consider the Darcey Throw from the Kylie at Home collection. Bringing  an eye-catching fashion statement into the home, the throw is made from polyester and includes a sparkling sheen guaranteed to make an impact. For an insulated warmth combined with a sensational fashion sense, this throw has it covered.

The Tamiami Blanket from Pendleton features a design inspired by the work of the Native American Seminole people. With a traditional graphical patchwork pattern of bright colours and shapes, the blanket is certainly eye-catching and provides a lively way to enrich home decor. Made from a mix of virgin wool and cotton, the blanket offers a unique way of keeping warm.

The most enduring of styles are able to marry functionality with a unique and artistic design. The Räsymatto Blanket by Marimekko is one such item that manages to do this to a tee. Made from a comfortable mixture of wool and polyamide, the bold design of the blanket makes use of a monochrome spotted pattern to stake its place as a stunning work. Great for chilling out on the sofa or on long journeys, the blanket is a sure to become a firm favourite for anyone hoping to keep warm in style.

The Bear Quilted Blanket from Ferm Living is a superbly comfortable blanket ideal for little ones when it’s time for a nap. The image of a friendly bear on striped background is sure to inspire feelings of being warm and safe, and the 100% comfortable adds to this soft comfort. The quilting and polyester padding add another layer of tranquil contentment.

Stay warm and comfortable!