Enjoying coffee at home can be both stylish and convenient. Indeed, the two propositions are not mutually exclusive; relaxing with a well prepared coffee can be quickly and securely arranged without being lacking in any of the key elements of a good cup of coffee. The best designs for coffee at home are more than capable of providing a home with a satisfying coffee every time.

The new Theo collection from Stelton is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a quality way to make coffee at home. Bringing in a delightful combination of Scandinavian inspired design work with a dash of Asian fusion, the collection is equipped for preparing coffee comfortably and conveniently. Designed by Francis Cayouette, the striking set is ideal for providing an elegant solution to preparing coffee in the right way.



The Theo Coffee Maker by Stelton is, naturally enough, the most essential part of the collection. With the strong filtering system provided by the funnel three holed base, the coffee maker is as productive as it is elegant. The rustic black stoneware finish of the appliance adds a homely touch to the finish. Capable of holding 0.6 litres of coffee, the maker is ideal for 1 to 2 people.

The art of pouring is heightened by the Theo Mug, Set of 2. The striking mugs have been stylishly designed to incorporate the collection’s design of elegance and comfort. Crafted in black stoneware with a rustic glaze, the mugs look great on a shelf waiting for the next coffee break.

A Theo Sugar Bowl on the table is another aspect of coffee time that shouldn’t be neglected. Offering the same charming design as the rest of the collection, the bowl is perfect for when you or a guest want to sweeten their coffee. Easy to clean and look after, the bowl look fantastic on a surface with the rest of the set.

Pouring the milk into a coffee is made easy with the Theo Milk Jug, also from Stelton. The collar of the jug features heat resistant silicone so it is possible to store and pour warm milk from the jug. Easy to handle and pour from, the grip of the jug is secure and offers a reliable way to handle pouring the milk. The jug holds 0.4l – easily enough for 2 or more people.

By catering to all of these key ingredients the design succeeds in making coffee that’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Stelton’s Theo collection – a great match for coffee lovers everywhere!