Combining the idea of a torch with an emergency light, the Trioh! flashlight from Oregon-based designer Greg Hinzmann has the ingenious automatic function of turning itself on when the power goes out. Never again will the owner be scrabbling around in the dark for a torch with this canny device; it will be in plain view illuminating itself as a lamp.

Designed to be both display lamp and a torch, the sleek Trioh! sits charging on its base when in use and can charge up to 12 hours of power.

At present the Trioh! remains a genius design and has not gone into production. However, Greg Hinzmann is trying to raise revenue for the project via Kickstarter. Have a look if you’re interested in getting involved and becoming amongst the first to own a finished item.

Dotmaison have a wealth of lighting products available. So, if you’re looking for illuminating ideas check out the bright designs from &tradition, Leitmotiv and Le Klint.

July 27th, 2012

Posted In: Interior Design, Product

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