The Yachiyo metal rug from London designer Philippe Malouin presents a unique piece of work. Handmade from galvanised steel rings and taking 3000 hours to create, the metal rug is based on Japanese chain mail design. Showcased earlier in the year at Milan Design Week, the rug was named after one of Malouin’s design interns.

The Yachiyo metal rug is based on Malouin’s research into working with metal and Japanese medieval chain working. Drawing on the ’12 in 2′ weave pattern – where 12 perpendicular surround 2 central rings in a repeating pattern – the rug is extremely strong and, according to Malouin, virtually indestructible.

The completed rug creates a stunning effect and plays with our ideas of perspective, the three colour coatings bursting into life from the striking pattern.

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August 26th, 2011

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