German conceptual artist Ole Ukena enjoys playing with audience perceptions of what things really are and what they should be. In this stunning work, entitled ‘Protected Paradise’, ideas of the limitations of natural beauty are explored and analysed. With a wry smile, Ukena reveals his rainbows to be constructed from lacquered barbed wire.

Ukena’s habit of using recyclable materials such as wire, ┬ánails and welded metals, engages his audience to question the true use of all objects, and where and how they can be altered and diverted. Above all else, the real and symbolic beauty of the rainbow shines clearly through the perceived nature of the barbed wire itself.

Rainbow Rocks, Alex Wallace

And if all of that has left you feeling inspired to explore the full colour spectrum of the rainbow, but without the barbed wire element, why not take a look at this perfect print of an exotic rainbow scene. The glorious print captures the true finery of a rainbow and is available from Dotmaison now.

September 24th, 2013

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