The museum’s entrance way (above) captures the transporting glory of the cinema.

Lovers of film, television and popular culture would be well advised to get themselves over to Berlin’s impressive museum for film and television. Tracing the history of the silver and the small screen from their very beginnings to the present day and beyond, the museum makes use of a vast area consisting of several floors and spaces.

Original artwork from the Fritz Lang classic ‘Metropolis‘ (1927)

Located in the city’s busy Potsdamer Platz district, the museum is a fantastic example of just how to organise a culturally rich attraction and learning space. Using a variety of mediums such as models, paintings, artworks and the cinema screens themselves, the museum can be an endless source of wonder.

Showing exactly just what is possible in a modern museum space, the Museum für Film und Fernsehen (film and television museum) is a perfect example of not only the power of the cinema, but also the potential of museums to excite and intrigue…

February 22nd, 2014

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