The choice of lighting in a home can make or break the ambience of a living area. This important aspect of home design is not always associated with ecological progress, which is why it is always heartening to find an advancement in such areas. Curiously named design Seattle studio Greypants have brought these two worlds together in remarkably well suited fashion with their Scraplights range, shown here in all their corrugated glory.

Made from salvaged remains of scrap cardboard, the range of elegant light fittings makes use of the studios waste products from their furniture and product manufacture plus salvaged material from the local area.

The cardboard offcuts have been laser cut into concentric circles to heighten the strength and durability before being hand-glued and stitched. Four different shapes of the shade are currently available. Check out Greypants for more info !

There are a wealth of options available for the important business of lighting your home at Dotmaison. Terrific designs from LSA, Le Klint and Leitmotiv– and others – can all do wonders !

September 28th, 2012

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