Danish design company by Lassen has a habit of creating perfectly aligned and structured homeware items ideal for bringing a sleek elegance into the home. Making the most of the company’s architectural background – the by Lassen project was founded on the strength of famed architects the Lassen brothers – the Kubus collection brings style and form across its range.

Today the company is still a family run business, with Søren Lassen, the grandson of Mogens Lassen, owning the company formed in 2008.

The Kubus Collection looks back to when Mogens Lassen first conceived of the Kubus candlesticks in the early 1960s, reintroducing the exact precision and pleasing logistics to modern audiences.

Here at Dotmaison we love the perfect mathematics and construction of the Kubus collection. Here are some of the ways to install the by Lassen products at home, and make the most of their style and precision.

The vases in the Kubus collection from by Lassen have an exactitude and artistry that are certain to make a lasting impression wherever they are positioned. The above Kubus Vase Lily is a striking example of the company’s genius at bringing out carefully curated ideas withing a solid production.

The opposites of black and white (the vase is available in both colours) and straight angles and curves are explored in the exquisite creation. Made from perfectly lacquered metal, the vase is the ideal option for anyone looking to find a spectacular home for plants and floral displays.

The Kubus concept also works brilliantly for other home products. Take the above Kubus T tealight holder. This striking piece is excellent either on its own or with a tealight comfortably placed within. Available in black and white, and also as a metallic version, the tealight holder is a memorable offering of contemporary homeware design.

The Kubus 4 Candle Holder, Metallics is another option for bringing a fine detailing of architectural design work into the home. Capable of holding 4 candles, the famous cube of the kubus range brings out a wonderful balance and clarity of form.

The Kubus Snuffer, also new to Dotmaison from by Lassen, works brilliantly in conjunction with the candles, snuffing them out safely and easily as required. Any wax drips can be efficiently avoided by using the snuffer rather than blowing out the flames, which can sometimes cause the wax to break off.

Perfect form and practical sense; the Kubus range from by Lassen has it in abundance!

January 29th, 2019

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