Designer wall clocks are a great way to add a certain amount of reassuring style to a home office. Even though we’ve all got various ways of knowing what time it is, with phones, laptops and tablets and so on, there’s something comforting about being able to look up from the work-desk and seeing a stylish clock fitted to the wall.

Here at Dotmaison we love how a high-quality clock can lend a certain extra amount of composure to an interior. Here are some of our favourites currently available.

Karlsson produce a range of excellent wall clocks, and this one is another example of a lovely, versatile design. The Minimal Gold Wall Clock, Black provides a soothing calm that can be applied effortlessly to any room. The slim gold surround, black background and clear markings and hands make it an attractive and clear wall clock for home use.

The Dormitory Wall Clock from Newgate Clocks provides more of a classic, old-worldly type of design. Produced in acrylic with a silicon finish, the contrast of the white background and black numerals is exceptionally striking. The beautifully crafted metal hands point to the digits with a sophisticated elegance that is bound to bring a certain charm to any working and living space.

Newgate Clocks have also created the Mr Edwards Wall Clock. Another classic style suitable across the home, the clock bring a refined style and sensibility to interior design. The black numerals set against a white background produce an unmissable detailing of the time and help to make a classic effect. The lovely blizzard grey edging completes the look.

A contemporary style is offered by the Tone35 Wall Clock by LEFF Amsterdam. A futuristic effect is provided by the varnish on the clock face that brings a subtle change of appearance depending on the light. This smart and unique appearance is sure to bring a completely different look to any room. Available in white or grey, the wall clock is a great way for a slightly different take on time-keeping in the home.

February 28th, 2019

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