The perfect cuppa is a sought after comodity at Dotmaison HQ! Whether you’re a fan of starting the day with an espresso, or get your daily fix from a mid-morning cappuccino, brewing the perfect cup of coffee involves not only having a good quality coffee, but also the right equipment.

Ground Coffee

Instant coffee may be fine for your average cuppa, but for the ultimate in coffee drinking experience, you need ground coffee. There are plenty of high quality ground coffees available, but if you want to go the extra mile, you could always grind your own.

Zassenhaus Coffee Mills

It’s probably not something most people would do every day, but the novelty of grinding your own coffee can be fun – and you get to enjoy the gorgeous aroma of it too. The main grinding options are hand turned coffee mills, where you do all the grinding work yourself, or electric coffee grinders, that grind the beans in no time.


Espresso is somewhat an acquired taste, but for the perfect strong espresso, stove top espresso makers, or the espresso function on a coffee machine, do the job well. The best cup of espresso is made using finely ground coffee, with the end result having a higher amount of caffeine in it than a conventional cup of coffee. That’s why most people only need a single, small espresso sized cup.

1. Jasper Conran – Platinum Espresso Cup 2. Seven Days Espresso Cup Tower 3. Pantone Espresso Cups

Cafetiere Coffee

The cafetiere is a form of plunger pot that is used to make ground coffee. The coffee is popped at the bottom of the pot or jug, hot water is added, then after allowing time for it to brew, the plunger is pressed down. The coffee grounds remain at the bottom of the pot, whilst the freshly brewed coffee is poured out.

Bodum – Chambord Coffee Maker

Large cafetieres are perfect to use if you’re entertaining, or have several people around for coffee. They work best with medium to finely ground coffee.


If you’re equipped with an espresso maker, or an electric coffee making machine, then the chances are you’ll be able to whip up a cappuccino too.

This froth-topped coffee is made with one third espresso, one third hot milk and one third of steamed froth. The espresso forms the base of the coffee, with some hot milk added in, but it’s the frothy top that most people love the most.

Blomus Pura Cappuccino Cup

Coffee machines often have a milk frothing spout on the side, which enables you to easily froth milk to perfection (although it can take a few attempts to get it just right), or you can use a handheld frother to do the job. The perfect cappuccino is served in a wide brimmed cappuccino cup and finished off with a light sprinkling of cocoa; don’t forget to serve it with a spoon too, to enable full appreciation of the froth!

September 9th, 2010

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