Finding a suitable place for indoor plants and flowers around the home is a key feature of interior design and planning. Making an elegant and creative display of in indoor garden becomes an eye-catching key to the home’s character and style. An individually planned out display brings colour and beauty into the home, while also serving to link the indoor world with the natural world of plants and vegetation outside. For those without an outdoor garden or exterior space, this can be an important part of the home design. In that sense, a pleasing interior display of plants and flowers plays an important role in a home’s whole look and feel. Organising a good home for plants and floral arrangements is great way to make a home feel more comfortable and alive.

Essential to all this planning is obtaining the right vase for a particular plant or group of flowers. The above Bangle Vase by LSA is a fine method of showing off displays to their best. Created from mouth-blown glass and available in a variety of styles and shades, all of the vases feature a metallic gold coloured band wrapped around the middle. A superb update on a familiar household object that will be able to bring out the essential qualities of floral arrangements around the home.

The Globe Vases also from LSA, are another great way to present plants in an indoor display. The ability to create floating displays, semi immersed in water, provides a different source of creativity and an all-together different look. Capable of producing countless possibilities in the world of indoor gardens, the Globe Vases offer a brilliant overall character and a smoothly elegant design and functionality.

The Leonardo Ferrara Vases provide all sorts of avenues for stunning collections of plants and flowers. Bringing in a traditional look mixed with a modern artistic sensibility, these rounded vases offer style, precision and a perfect space for small or medium sized bouquets. A lovely way to bring out the best of a floral arrangement.

The Metal Vase, Gold & Blue from Bloomingville is a stylish and elegant method of creating displays. Offering a unique design and a dynamic glazed aluminium combination of gold and blue, the vase is one destined to make a lasting impact withing home arrangements and organisations of plants and flowers. Ideal for making a beautifully finished statement in the home, the vase is capable of producing a transfixing display and really showcases precisely what a great vase can achieve.

January 29th, 2018

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