To many of us, making a coffee in the morning is as instinctive as it is commonplace. The whole idea of preparing a hot drink  to help us start off the day without going into much effort is certainly a normal one. But finding a way to do so in classic designer style alongside a precise technical completeness is something else entirely. It is here that the new arrivals from the famed manufacturer Bialetti come in…

First designed in 1933, the iconic stovetop Moka Express coffee maker (above) revolutionised coffee making in Italy and beyond. Offering an easy to use functionality in a small and relatively inexpensive product, the Moka Express helped to bring premium coffee into the home. Since then Bialetti has become a huge industry – it’s been claimed that 9 out of 10 Italian homes contain a Moka – and new designs and accompaniments have been fashioned to continue the trend.


Colour has played a big part in these new products from the acclaimed coffee technicians. The above Rainbow Stovetop Coffee Pot, 3 Cup is a great example of this, with yellow, green and orange designs all available. Featuring the same eight sided design as the original Moka Express, this one takes the essential classic and adds an eye catching shade of brightness to the whole. Another fantastic way to make coffee at home, with added colour!


Coffee is often made for two. If this is usually the case for you at home, the above Mini Red Express Gift Set could well be of interest. Containing two espresso cups and the unique double serve stove top coffee maker, this set is ideal for coffee lovers who like to enjoy the morning wake up call together and in perfect style. The freshly brewed coffee pours straight into the cups when ready, making it efficiently easy to serve up coffee for two people at home.


The final part of the coffee equation is what to drink out of. Well, given that the style of coffee made on a stove top is generally referred to as espresso, the obvious answer would be espresso cups! And that is what we have here – a brilliant set of multi-coloured espresso cups. Created to Bialetti high standards of production values, the cups are made from thickened ceramic that keep coffee hot for longer. Ideal for brightening up mornings, the set of 6 coloured cups offers a beautiful final part of the coffee ritual as overseen by Bialetti.


January 25th, 2018

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