When it’s time for bed, it’s a lovely feeling to know that you’re going somewhere that is warm, cozy and comfortable. The latest designs from The Fine Bedding Company ensure that this is always the case. Available now at Dotmaison, the products include everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Let’s take a look at what the company has on offer.


The Duck Feather & Down Duvet is available in sizes of Single, Double, King and Super King meaning that every need is provided for. Beautifully designed to bring you a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep, the pockets of the duvet are deeply filled with Duck Feather and Down. These are then encased in a pure cotton cover, bringing out the natural warming power of the materials. A reassuring and luxurious addition to the bedroom.

The accompanying Duck Feather & Down Pillow combined with the duvet to bring pure comfort when in the bedroom drifting off to sleep. Making use of the soft natural elements to provide warm relaxation, the pillow is just the thing to lull a tired body fast to sleep.


A different but equally comfortable sleeping experience is offered by The Fine Bedding Company’s Spundown Duvet. Spundown duvets provide a hi-tech answer to the important business of getting to sleep. By making use of the best available materials and a technical know-how in developing advanced fibres, the company has come up with a superb duvet for all kinds of bedrooms. Easy to look after and care for, the duvet can be easily compressed and placed into a standard size washing machine. The lightweight and super soft duvet will not deteriorate between washes, as the top of the range materials are as durable as they are comforting. Through a sophisticated and clever use of coated micro-fibres, the duvet is able to retain its silky softness all the time.

The Spundown Duvet is ideally partnered with the Spundown Firm Support Pillow, the ultimate in washable pillows. Capable of being machine washed at 60°C, the pillow is a great option for sufferers of allergies as the hot wash will eradicate any mites hiding around the material. Offering a plump shape and warmly relaxing feel, the pillow uses advanced fibers to keep its shape and firmness. As with the companies other products, it is a helpful item in the quest for a good night’s sleep.

August 20th, 2018

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