Home working has become more of a necessity for many people in recent years. A free desk, or even a complete home office
is a practical space to complete any such tasks. But keeping such an area tidy is another matter! Here are 3 tips for keeping your desk free of clutter.

Even in today’s world of smartphones and laptops, pens and pencils are still worth much more than their weight for quick notation. Keeping them all together can sometimes be a challenge.

A lovely way of organising pencils and pens on your desk is offered by the Colour by Numbers Pen Pot with Magnets. The striking hexagonal pot fashioned by Ted Baker comes with three colourful magnetic buttons that you can attach lists and reminders to. A practical way of keeping pens ordered and easily to hand, the pot is also a smart way of presenting notes and cards too.

Planning ahead is absolutely vital in any work area, but keeping focused on the week’s events are perhaps even more integral when working from home. A good desk planner is a great way of keeping ahead of what’s coming up.

Also from the Ted Baker Colour by Numbers series is the Weekly Planner. Providing 104 pages, the spiral bound planner is easy to use and position free-standing on your desk. The stand can also be folded and flattened if you need to take it with you when you go out. Another excellent way to stay organised and tidy!

Desks are often hives of loose paperwork and documents. Trying to track down that important letter or statement can sometimes be a stressful job in itself!

The Colour by Numbers A4 Envelope Wallet from Ted Baker is a great way of keeping documents safe and secure. Beautifully presented with captivating colours and shapes, the design – as with the whole collection – provides a cool, contemporary look for the home office. By using an elasticated button fastening system the wallet will provide a space for all your paperwork, receipts, notes and letters.

As well as these three practical solutions for keeping a desk tidy, the Colour by Numbers series also contains some fantastic stationary items for keeping tidy.
The Colour by Numbers Mesh Notebook and the Pocket Pen will both look beautifully well ordered and ready for work on your newly tidy and organised desk. To paraphrase slightly, a tidy desk is a tidy mind; these tips and products are certainly a valuable step towards that!

April 29th, 2019

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