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Declutter and Reorganise in Style

Declutter and Reorganise in Style

There comes a point in all of our home lives when there can be no more hanging around or slacking off in sorting out the clutter that has accumulated over the last year or two. Sometimes you simply have to say ‘enough is enough’ and get on with it. Spring cleaning, as we all know, can be a time consuming and frankly arduous process but there is also real value and satisfaction in getting it done, and done right.

As with anything potentially tiresome, if we can employ anything that might help in our work then all to the good. A combination of style and organisation is what most of us look for in items designed to make life a little easier; luckily for us there are a number of versatile high quality products created with that precisely in mind. Here are a few of our favourites for tidy minds and smart homes…


The above storage boxes by Ted Baker are a perfect example of this, taking in pop art style combined with an easy to use process of keeping valuables safe and secure. The boxes arrive in three different sizes, each gloriously printed with a different floral design. With a hinged lid and button operated closure system, the beautiful boxes are ideal for a glamourous way to keep items safe and sound. Easy to store and capable of adding a classic beauty to the home, these are boxes just right for a fresh approach to getting things organised.



The Spacy Ball by Wesco takes a completely approach to storage. With its striking futurist look and bold choices of colour, it is clearly an item designed to capture the imagination. Offering lots of room in a perfectly hygienic air-tight seal, it is ideal for fresh fruit and vegetables or indeed, anything that needs to be kept fresh and safe. The transparent disc that locks the ball is easily opened and shut with a simple hand movement. The sheet steel reinforced ball would certainly make a surprising and doubly useful addition to any home or office.

xl boom saco


Saco storage bag by XL Boom offers another great way of sorting out things around the house. The lovingly created home accessory has been created out cork fixed to textile for an elegant and unique method of keeping items in order. Soft and warm to the touch, the versatile and highly original storage system is great for use in bathroom, kitchen, lounge or study.

bylassen frame 10

The Frame 10 Storage Box from by Lassen provides another method of reorganising your home storage options. Providing a sleek Nordic feel to all areas, the boxes can be perfectly incorporated into other colours and sizes from the company’s Frame range to create a truly individual look. Able to be hung directly on the wall, free standing on the floor or framed by shelves, the boxes are just the thing for providing a classy and modern look to the home. There’s never been a better time to contemplate a spring clean!

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Declutter and Reorganise in Style

Declutter and Reorganise in Style

There comes a point in all of our home lives when there can be no more hanging around or slacking off in sorting out the clut...
by Robert Monk

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