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Adding Danish Hygge into the Home!

Adding Danish Hygge into the Home!

The concept of ‘hygge’ is an essential notion in the hearts of Danish people. The idea, roughly translated as warm convivial coziness, gets to the very epicentre of how and why people can feel comfortable at home. As with many other ideas from Scandinavian lands, the idea of hygge (pronounced variously as ‘hoo-guh’ or ‘hur-gah’) has recently gained a good deal of attention in the press, with many sources treating it as a new lifestyle phenomenon.

But while it may be news to us in the English speaking world, the idea of hygge has held a special place in Denmark for hundreds of years, with the concept being a fundamental part of lifestyle and interior design decisions for businesses and households across the country.

Here at Dotmaison we’re all for the idea of making life more cozy, so here’s a few ideas for creating a bit of hygge in your home!


Let’s face it, there isn’t anything quite like brunch for putting a warm glow of friendly cosiness in the heart. A late morning weekend meal can set up the best kind of break, and allow for a vital time-out from the week’s activities. Eating, drinking and chatting with friends is a big part of hygge, something that the Copenhagen based company Vipp knows only too well. The Vipp  210 Brunch Set (above) is just what you need if you want to experience a lovely late breakfast or early lunch.  The porcelain coffee cup and bowl have been  hand glazed to perfection and are more than capable of providing a satisfying home brunch.


And if you’re in the mood for brunch, then your cups and bowls will need something to rest on! The Outline Place Mat by Ferm Living is certainly a good candidate for the job.  The chic and inviting mat will protect table surfaces from hot plates and bowls, while also adding a sense of invitation and stylish friendliness. Produced using cork backing and a matt UV varnish, the mat from the Danish design company is easy to care for and wipe clean.


Light is another important part of the hygge saga. Take a look at this lovely product for some inspiration towards a Danish take on illumination. The Vita Carmina Mini Lamp Shade brings a beautifully serene method of both shading and focusing light. Combing different blends of a rose quartz colour, the shade provides a curved shade for lamps and light sources. Truly, a delightfully cozy prospect for living areas looking for a modern, relaxed look.


Comfort and warmth are two key features in the Danish idea of homeliness, and the two things are wrapped up tight together in this fantastic throw from by Lassen. The 100% wool throw displays interlacing lines with a reversible opposite and brings a calm sense of order and calm to the home. Also available in mustard yellow, the throw is yet another example of what the Danes do best. So, as the nights begin to draw in and the winter approaches, why not add a bit of hygge!

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Adding Danish Hygge into the Home!

Adding Danish Hygge into the Home!

The concept of ‘hygge’ is an essential notion in the hearts of Danish people. The idea, roughly translated as warm convivial ...
by Robert Monk

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