We spotted Daybreak presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley enjoying a nice cuppa from their yellow pantone mugs. So we’ve been wondering… what does this say about their personalities?

Your colour preferences say a lot about your personality and character traits, whether you’re a fun-loving Orange, or a cool Blue, check out what your favourite colour says about you.

Red Associated with love, courage, strength and danger, red is often chosen by people who are impulsive and outgoing, ambitious and athletic. With a determined nature, you approach life optimistically and live life to the full. However your spontaneity also makes you prone to abrupt mood swings and restlessness and you certainly don’t hesitate to complain and speak your mind.
Orange Orange appeals to people who are fun-loving and flamboyant. You have a lively social life and like to be the centre of attention. You are inclined to dramatise at times, but overall you are good-natured and loyal. You are friendly and curious and evoke inspiration and goodwill. Orange people tend to be very popular, the life and soul of a party, but you also hate to be alone.
Pink From sherbet pink to bold cerise, pink symbolises love and gentle affection, peace and calm. Often favoured by people who crave security, pink people tend to feel delicate and fragile and often desire affection and lots of attention. Gentle and quiet by nature, you are charming and friendly, if a little indecisive, and have the need to feel loved and protected.
Yellow Yellow is favoured by those who are creative and artistic. You have a vivid imagination and a cheerful, adventurous spirit. Inclined to be intellectual and idealistic, you have a shrewd business mind with a good sense of humour. Your thoughts are clear and well-organised and you have confident opinions. However deep down you are shy and at times prefer to avoid responsibility.
Green The colour of nature, green brings a sense of calm, and highlights a person’s creative side. Green is preferred by people who are well-balanced, gentle and sincere. You are affectionate and a loyal friend and quite sociable, yet prefer peace and quiet whenever you can. Green people are usually community-minded, modest and patient, but can be exploited by others.
Blue Associated with calmness and tranquility, blue is favoured by people who are compassionate, caring and non-threatening. You are cautious in your manner and somewhat reserved. You are inclined to worry about even the smallest of things and prefer the quiet life. Patient and conscientious, you are self-controlled and sensitive to the feelings of others and make an outstanding friend.
Purple If you choose purple as your favourite colour then you are highly individual, witty and intelligent. There is an air of mystery about you, which often leads to you being misunderstood. You have a desire to be different and unconventional, and have a keen eye for detail. Purple people tend to be passionate and sensual and can become angry at the slightest provocation.
Brown Brown is favoured by people who are dependable, meticulous and conscientious. You have a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible and are rarely impulsive. Reliable and composed, you enjoy responsibility but can be tactless at times. You are good with money and have a talent for finding a bargain.
Grey Grey tends to be favoured by people who are workaholics. You have a good business mind but just work too much without much reward. Diligent and cautious, you like things to run smoothly without any stress. You often suppress your personality, appearing shy and withdrawn, when in fact all you want is an easy, peaceful life.
Black Black appeals to people who are dignified and impressive without being showy. You don’t like to draw attention to yourself and prefer a safe, uncomplicated life. You give the appearance of mystery, and are difficult to get to know. Favouring black often indicates that you are suppressing hidden desires and talents and have inner secrets to tell.
Turquoise If turquoise is your chosen colour then you give the impression that you are cool and self-controlled, yet underneath you are in a state of turmoil. Complicated and imaginative, Turquoise people drive themselves hard and put themselves under a lot of pressure unnecessarily. You are reliable and frank and make a good friend.

I wonder how true these are! Whats your Pantone?

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January 17th, 2011

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