Leff Clocks

The basic function of a watch or clock is, even to the most artistic and impractical among us, fairly obvious. They tell the time. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be where the story ends. Time pieces can be functional, objects of real beauty and innovative design work all at the same time.

Leff Amsterdam Clocks

The Dutch design company Leff Amsterdam specialise in creating clocks with a real flair and distinctive quality. Their complete output is vast, taking in bold and handsome wall clocks created with the utmost of care, to an up-to-date take on the classic flip clock. Also available is the intriguing concept of the Day & Night Watch Wall Clock. This unconventional timepiece is based around the idea of taking your clock out with you. The watch is available for everyday use, while the clock only works as such when the watch is returned to its case.

Leff Amsterdam Night and Day Wall Clock

The fresh ideas and smart design work is typical of the new approach to clock design that this multi-talented team bring to the market place. For example, the highly original Dome45 Wall Clock takes its name from the domed shape of the clock face and succeeds in drawing the viewer’s attention to the wonderfully streamlined curves, sharp hands and figure markers. Made from a single piece of high- density plastic, the clock shows off the marvelous design and production work behind these amazing clocks.

Leff Clocks

Available in almost every possible type the serious design lover could ask for, including the Arabic Wall Clock with embossed¬†aluminium¬†dial or the decorative artistry of the Facet55 Wall Clock, the collection is a journey into sophistication; the mixture of modernity and classic design bringing Leff Amsterdam’s abundant skills firmly to the fore.

April 22nd, 2012

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