Beautiful lights and fragrances are welcome at any time, but perhaps even more so towards the end of the year. As we’ve just launched our Christmas Collection, we thought it’d be an excellent idea to have a closer look at a company who shine brightly in both design and production of scented candles.

Wax Lyrical are based in the heart of England’s Lake District and provide a cultivated, studied and hugely successful take on the business of  home fragrance. Since the 1980’s, the family run company has created a wealth of luxury fragrances and candle sets. By constantly fine tuning its creations and in-house manufacturing procedures, the company is always confident of a successful transition from studio to home. The company works with top European perfumeries and employs two PhD scientists to ensure premium level quality withing every product.

Of course you don’t need to be quite so qualified to know a lovely scent when you smell it. Christmas is often associated with wine of the mulled variety, and this candle jar from the experts at Wax Lyrical (above) exploits this connection to the full. Available in small, medium and large, the delicately perfected fragrance of cinnamon, cloves and red cherry is exactly the thing to get right for this year’s festivities. The warming aroma works a treat throughout the colder months as well!


Another winning grouping of fragrances are brought fully to the fore with the Wax Lyrical Orange and Clove candle jar.  The small candle tin can be used to  spread the orange, peach and grapefruit based fragrance around the home to relaxing and pleasing effect.


The box of 9 mulled wine tealights from Wax Lyrical is another way of drawing out that classic Christmas experience. Easy to place everywhere around the home, the tealights help to provide that extra spark of romantic sensory beauty that we all require whatever the time of year!



Another excellent wintry fragrance is the focus of the vanilla cranberry candle jar. The small, medium and large jars all have their own particular burning times and longevity, with times ranging from 35 hours, 75 hours and 150 hours. That’s a lot of beautiful aroma to experience throughout Christmas… and before and after!

The Wax Lyrical products currently available at Dotmaison can be found here. Enjoy!

September 30th, 2016

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