From catwalk to couch, stripes are fast becoming an integral interior design feature. Be these, thick, thin, horizontal or vertical, these simple timeless lines are set to make bold graphic statements with out being overpowering on current décor schemes. With similar effects of a statement print on soft furnishings or a wallpapered feature wall, choose your stripes wisely, less can be more here.

For a more intense graphic look monochromatic stripes set the perfect ambience for an office or stream lined kitchen. For more relaxing tones, look at using stripes on furniture or textiles such as curtains, bed linen or bath towels – this will help to create a much softer stripey look, which equally will still impress your neighbours.

Here are a few inspiration image taken from PINTEREST. For those of you who are unfamiliar with PINTEREST this is a great site to help collect ideas and inspiration’s, and to be completely honest with you, we at Dot Maison have quickly become addicted. So don’t forget to follow us in order to check out other crucial interior trends and inspirations we are yet to explore.

Striped Walls

Image from ModHomeEc

Above image from Hot Style Design

Above image from Decor8

Above  – Alto Bedding by Jalla from Dot Maison

Above – Alpage Bedding by Essix from Dot Maison

October 14th, 2014

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