Here at Dotmaison we know people have very different requirements for morning times. Some people love to get up early in the morning and some people, well… don’t. But whichever happens to be the case in your household, some things are helpful everywhere. Things that make getting up just that little bit easier, and products that set a good, positive mood for the day to come. Everything from waking up on time to shower accessories and breakfast helpers can all make a difference when getting ready.

Here are some designer products that we think will be appreciated every morning!

Alarm Clocks

It’s easy enough to sleep past the right time to wake up. Having an alarm clock set to go of next to the bed is the most obvious way to combat this. But not every clock is the same, and from a design point of view, they certainly don’t all have the same appearance. A model such as the Cubic Alarm Clock, Gravity Grey/Black from Newgate Clocks is one such alarm clock that offers style alongside practical functionality. The beep alarm provides an ideal way to wake up, while the clear face of the clock and square edges of the whole bring a solid and contemporary look to the the bedroom.


Bath Robes 

Getting out of the shower or bath is made much more comfortable with a robe. The undoubted warmth and soft touch of an expertly made robe can be an everyday luxury to make the morning ritual easier to be getting on with. The above Giacomo Hooded Bathrobe from Missoni Home bring a touch of class into the everyday routine. The combination of thick cotton toweling and soft velour finish makes getting out of the shower far more comfortable. The gown also has two deep pockets and a hood for maximum drying efficiency. Just the thing for a more relaxing and peaceful morning bath-time.

Coffee Cups


Another important part of many people’s morning time is the consumption of coffee or tea. While a lot depends on what kind of coffee or tea you’re using and how you’re preparing it, there’s also a lot to be said for appreciating the design of the humble cup it’s served into. Take a look at the above Big Heart Espresso Cup, for example.¬† Perfect for all coffee lovers at any time, the Konitz cup could also be a heart felt present to a loved one. In any case, the high quality porcelain and detail of the design work is sure to offer a great start to the morning.




August 31st, 2018

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