Winter is fully in swing in the northern hemisphere and with it comes many challenges for the home resident. Most obviously it brings the difficulty of keeping rooms warm and comfortable, while keeping a stylish and attractive look to the place.

Thankfully, there are a number of sensible ways to incorporate a warming and comfortable feel with a creative and artistic display of style.

Here are three ways to combat the cold of winter in the most stylish and cosy of ways!

Keeping the Drafts Out

Ensuring that the heat stays in and the cold stays out is a winter essential in the home. Curtains can play a bit part in this, with estimates showing that premium quality curtains are able to remove heat loss by up to 50 percent. 

With this in mind, it is a great idea to ensure that you have the best possible curtains in place. Especially valuable in the bedroom, a fine display of curtains helps to create a warm and cosy look during the cooler months. 

Try a new display of curtains to bring style and warmth to a bedroom…

The above Orla Kiely Climbing Daisy Eyelet Curtains , Dandelion are a beautiful example of how high-quality curtains help a bedroom’s overall style. The easy to install and hang curtains are fully lined and are a lovely way to bring a certain warmth and style to the room.

Warm Bedding!

When thinking about staying warm in the bedroom it’s inevitable that the bedding items need to be assessed. Obviously keeping warm in bed will depend a lot on what sheets, blankets and duvet covers are utilized. 

Aim to carefully consider the different merits of each bedding item. The thickness of the bedding and the type of material needs to be warmer during the winter to help keep the cold at bay and offer a restful night’s sleep. 

Make sure that all of your bedding items are up to the task of keeping the cold out! 

A bedding cover such as the above KJackie Duvet Cover, Double from Kenzo provides a great addition to your bedroom items. With a high thread count and premium quality material, the duvet cover is a smart way to keep warm in bed in fine style. 

Layer Up With Throws 

Throws provide a lovely way of adding an extra warming element to beds and sofas. An item such as the above Sanday Ecru Throw by Bluebellgray offers a wonderful provision of the finest Merrino Wool in hand knitted production. 

Warming Merrino Wool and a cosy, casual style from the Sanday Ecry Throw

The cosy and comfy throw beings a similar style as a generous and reliable jumper, and like a chunky sweater it can offer a resolute warmth throughout the winter months. Try it around the home and stay warm this winter! 

January 15th, 2019

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