After the long nights of summer enjoying the great outdoors, there is an understandable feeling in autumn to gradually move social occasions indoors. This is great news for those of us with a love for interior design and great new products imagined to bring a new clarity and style to home life. Dinner parties, social gatherings and relaxing at home can all be brought into focus by following a few simple pointers.  Home life can ideally be a mixture of the comfortable and the tasteful, reflecting the residents’ ability to pick out a winning way with key items. Here are a few tips for getting the best out of home style this season and beyond.

When it comes to home dining, lighting for the table is obvious a good place to start when devising ways to form an attractive and enticing look to the place. The Cloudy Trio Table Lights (above) from Sirius artfully project a warm atmosphere to the table through a truly unique design. The set of three lights feature a frosted glass spherical form elevated with variously lengthened stems. The orbs then illuminate the table beautifully, fulfilling a relaxing and calming presence around the table. The design can also utilise a timer function for specific switch on and off times. Sure to create a feeling of expectation and excitement, the Cloudy Trio Table lights are perfect for introducing a new look to dinner parties at home.


Champagne is often known as an essential at celebrations and parties. Make a memorable impression with it with this Bella Top Hat Champagne Bucket from Leonardo. Produced to an extremely high quality and of a unique and original design, the handmade champagne bucket is guaranteed to create a memorable impression at all social occasions. Bringing a defined level of




And with the champagne in the bucket, there will have to be something to drink it out of. These fantastic Spiririi Champagne Glasses also from Leonardo feature a classic shape and delicate precision to detail and are just the thing for making sure dinner party guests are kept in firmly in celebratory spirit. Produced in high quality glass, the set of six glasses will make a fine addition to the equipment of any party organiser.

Key things to remember should always be comfort and style, plus the vision to bring in a few original elements to add to the whole experience. With this in mind, a fine home social event can be enjoyed by everyone.



September 27th, 2017

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