Curtains play an important role in the home. Selecting the right kind is a big decision, as curtains will affect the light that comes into a room. As well as this, the type of colour, pattern and stitching of the material often have an influence on how items of furniture and accessories are viewed. Matching and coordinating with existing decor is always something to consider. Alternatively, the look and design of the selected curtains can provide a marked contrast to the other items in a room.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right curtains in your home.

Finding the Right Colour

When thinking about colour, try and imagine how the natural light influences the look and feel of the room. Decide on how much light you want to allow in, and how much to exclude in the mornings. The colour of the curtains are important to harness an overall feel of a room. Energetic and invigorated, or more relaxed and tranquil.

The Orla Kiely Jacquard Stem Eyelet Curtains – Yellow Olive harness a mellow and relaxing colour tone ideal for use in a bedroom or comfortable living area. Offering a luxurious retro styling with attractive woven jacquard ready made eyelet curtains, the drapes are fully lined and available in a variety of sizes. The olive and yellow colour is certainly a key aspect of these beautiful curtains, and could be used to heighten a room’s evocative ambiance.


The Right Fabric

The fabric and material of a pair of curtains is another important part of choosing the right ones for you. A heavy fabric might not fall in the way that you want, while if it is too light and delicate it may be too unstable. A careful assessment of where and how the curtains will be used is the right course to take.

The light 100% cotton of the Botanical Curtains by Bluebellgray (above) are sure to add a touch of floral exuberance to an interior. Inspired by the formal gardens of Marrakesh, the curtains bring a studied approach to natural light management and cool comfort.

How to Use Them – Function

A big question to ask yourself when choosing a pair of curtains is, what do you want them to do? Is blocking out the light the central purpose, or is it to add a level of extra character and elegance to a room. Colour, design and material all contribute to the style and function you are going for, whereas material and dimensions is more relevant to a more purely functional item.

The above Climbing Daisy Eyelet Curtains from Orla Kiely could make a claim for both of these objectives. The fully lined curtains are easy to hang, and the 100% polyester is thick enough to keep out natural light as so desired. Attractively finished in a dandelion design, the curtains are another way to finish off a bedroom or living area beautifully.

December 14th, 2018

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