The world of computers and IT technology rules the world these days. Whether we choose to appreciate the labour saving devices and the communicative power of modern computing power or to be wary of their influence, it is an unquestioned fact that they are here and here to stay! The artist Babis Panagiotidis taps into some of these ideas with his incredible work Hedonism(y) Trojaner, a giant rocking horse constructed from over 18,000 recycled computer keys.

Named after the Trojan horse of Greek legend, the transfixing work calls to mind the threat of so called ‘Trojan’ viruses and computer malware.

In the myth, the Greeks gained access through the gates of Troy huddled inside a massive timber horse, presented as a gift to the Trojan nobility. When opened up, the present turned out to be an army of fierce warriors, intent on destruction!

Babis Panagiotidis‘s work reminds us to remain vigilant in this era of computerised threats and danger, whilst standing (and rocking) in an intricately fascinating way.

October 25th, 2012

Posted In: Art and Design

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