The stacking throne is the brainchild of Amsterdam based Laurens van Wieringen. Designed with a 1 year old child in mind, the stacking throne is conceived as an item that grows with the child. The seat can be lowered by removing up to four of the foam segments, creating a different height and shape for the child to play with.

Making its debut at Ventura Lambrate earlier this year, the stacking throne attracted a lot of admiring comments. The concept is similar to that of Russian dolls – as the child grows you take away one of the char pieces leaving them with the bigger one.

The pieces are made of foam so are perfectly safe for kids to throw around, jump on and generally play around with. All in all, the stacking chair comes across as a great idea and a lot of fun! The only bad news is that it was a one-off design and has not been slated for production. So for now, at least, it will just be another great idea…

For more on Laurens van Wieringen please visit his site

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September 21st, 2011

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