Diane Meyer, New Jersey X

Merging embroidered pixelated patterns onto photographs may seem like a curious way to capture a moment or a mood, but it is also a method layered with unique layers of authenticity. Offering a traditional photo image an extra element of tactile 3D-ness, the though provoking work makes a real impact with its element of surprise…

Diane Meyer, New Jersey III

Photographer Diane Meyer’s striking series of cross-stitched design work entitled Time Spent that Might Otherwise Be Forgotten, is a wonderful example of a truly original surreal project. By using small sections of embroidery across a portion of the whole image, the artist draws attention to the stranger aspects of visual representation.

Diane Meyer, Italy II

The combination of two very different materials creates a different way of looking at the photo, and one which brings no small amount of wonder.

For more on Diane Meyer check out her site.

December 27th, 2013

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