The Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh is the perfect combination of one of the world best fashion houses and the Rezidor Hotel Group, famed for their ambitious design and expertise in the field. Strictly for those who appreciate modern design, overstated colour and bold design. The hotel catches hold of you from the moment you walk in.

The Edinburgh building boasts 129 rooms, 7 suites, a bar, restaurant and more. All painstakingly designed to reflect the Missoni feel. As with all the future Missoni hotels the interior has been conceptualised by Studio Thon, a Milan based architectural and design practice who have then passed the ideas to Rezidor for implementation.

With black and white as the central theme and punctuated with splashes of colour, the Missoni is certainly not for the traditional holiday maker. But then Edinburgh is not a casual city. The furnishings are designed to stand out against the back drop of black and white and the unmistakable Missoni signature is there for all to see.

From the black and white mosaics to the zigzags and stripes, the use of shapes comes together with the splashes of bright and funky colour to create something which is hard to describe. It shouldn’t work, but it most definitely does. Even the door man is wearing a Missoni kilt and guests can slip into a Missoni bathrobe and slippers.

Created by Rosita Missoni, the Edinburgh Hotel joins another in Kuwait and shares the passion for detail. The seemingly simple designs, belie the attention to detail which underpins the Missoni brand, whether it is in the boutiques or now the hotels. The company hope to open around 30 such hotels around the world – the perfect showcase for the family brand.

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July 5th, 2010

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