The bathroom is a precious realm of the home where relaxation and rejuvenation are of paramount importance. The need to balance tasteful and calming decor with the latest in practical storage solutions should be at the centre of any interior planning focusing on this most valuable of spaces.

Danish company Ferm Living have built up a terrific reputation for processing these ideas of comfortable space and easily applied convenience.  They offer a terrific variety of pieces designed and produced to make life that little bit easier and more pleasant.

Enter mirror

The mirror above is a great example of this. Bringing together a sleek, simple design alongside a practical use of resolute materials, Ferm Living’s collaboration with the New York based Soren Rose Studio hit a real winner with the Enter Mirror (above). This unassuming bathroom accessory formulates precisely the type of toned down, yet effortlessly glamorous finish that the company specialises in.

Ferm black towel hanger

The black towel hanger by Ferm Living also manages to pull off this delicate trick of producing understated yet wholly attractive everyday items. Functional, reliable and produced to a fine level of detail, the hanger is yet another example of the company’s devotion to the beauty of the everyday.

Grid Laundry Basket

The Grid Laundry Basket  is  a stylish storage solution brilliant for a number of uses. Anything will look great when stored in this eye catching piece, whether it’s towels and clothes or toys and shoes. You don’t get much more versatile and practical than this beautifully produced item. Indeed, the basket looks fantastic anywhere in the house, not just the bathroom.  Making the most of the best materials, the basket features non-woven fusing paper in its interior and leather handles for easy portability.

Ultimately Ferm Living are interested in bringing out the best in the everyday. After all, there’s no need for the essentials to be drab and boring – simply apply a little care and attention to detail and your bathroom – and everywhere else – can reap the rewards.

July 26th, 2016

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