We use cutlery virtually everyday and probably never give it a moment’s thought. Yet modern cutlery and silverware can make a real difference to the dining experience. Not only does it last a long time, a well-chosen cutlery set is a good investment and a great way to impress dinner guests. Here are a few rules to help you choose the perfect cutlery set:

Use – For every day use, a good set of 18/10 stainless steel cutlery is the most practical solution. However for more formal occasions a special set of silverware will set off the table nicely.

Stanton 18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery by Robert Welch

Material – Stainless steel cutlery is commonly used for everyday use as it is hard wearing, and easy to clean. Each piece of sterling silver cutlery should be hallmarked and any good quality silver plated cutlery set should come with a guarantee of at least 20 years.

Kings Sovereign Silver Plated Cutlery by Arthur Price

Maybe you want to go all out and live the life of luxury with a set of gold plated cutlery.

Medusa Gold Plated Cutlery by Versace

Size – When buying a cutlery set consider how many pieces you will need. Are you going to buy individual pieces or a set for six or even twelve people? Then consider what cutlery you need. For everyday use a full size knife, fork, dessert spoon, soupspoon, teaspoon and tablespoon should suffice. To this you could add a salad knife and fork, fish knife and fork, steak knife, coffee spoon and cake fork. The list goes on.

Empire Flame Cutlery by Clive Christian

Style – Remember to choose cutlery that is a good weight, comfortable to hold and easy to use. If you are looking to buy a set of silverware consider the style carefully as cutlery is often handed down in families as an heirloom.

English Reed & Ribbon Sterling Silver by Carrs

Storage – Look after everyday cutlery by storing it in a cutlery drawer with separate compartments. Good quality sets of cutlery often come with a storage box lined with either felt, silk or velvet that protect each piece of cutlery.

Cutlery Storage

August 25th, 2010

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