As anyone who has spent all day outside on the move knows only too well, the comforts of home can take many shapes. A nice cup of tea or glass of wine, music on the hi-fi, or simply the comfort of a freshly prepared bed can all provide the means to chill out and take it easy. Along with these enjoyable distractions, there are also subtler reminders of home relaxation and comfort. Home fragrance is certainly one of the areas which can bring a sense of personality to a home, with the ability to instil both comfort and security.  Here at Dotmaison we’re always trying to fine the best ways to practically inspire new ideas and creativity in home furnishings – and if you can furnish the home with sweet smells and aromas, well, to us that sounds like an extremely sensible plan!

The above Reed Diffuser in Talco by Millefiori Milano is a beautiful route to an interior filled with a sense of caramel, musk and white flowers. The strongly stylised white ceramic top of the piece and the see-through glass vials will look great in any room of the home. This classic piece gives off fantastic aromatic flavours alongside the visual, ornamental element that is wholly memorable and striking. As a sophisticated alternative to sprays, this works wonders in the sensory department.

Scented Candles are another way to get a fantastic flow of aromatic delights  in and around the home. A closer look at these items can offer a real sense of how light and fragrance can combine to infuse a room with delicate textures and subtle aromas.


Take for example the Sicilian Lemon Scented Candle from Orla Kiely. Also available as a diffuser, the candle gives off an refreshing blend of Sicilian Lemon, lavender, frankincense and mint, all from a blend of pure essential oils. Created from 100% vegetable waxes and a pure cotton wick, the candles can last for up to 50 hours. Beautifully presented in a glass jar with Orla Kiely’s classic floral iconography, this is a candle destined to offer a relaxing and uplifting addition to the home.




The Dark Noir Scented Candle by Kylie at Home is another sublime method of providing beautifully luxurious aromas into the home. Ideal for cultivating a feeling of intimacy, the sensual fragrance features pomegranate, pepper and spices on a bed of spiced wood.





Few companies know colours better than Pantone. And their Honeysuckle Scented Candle by Pantone is further proof of this, with a sublime grouping of colour and aroma. The Honey Suckle candle combines the refreshing scent of honey, blackcurrant and the rich flavour offered by raspberry. This is a great candle for expressing a wonder for the natural world and a desire to experience a hint of it with these mysterious and delightful aromas.





June 13th, 2017

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