Photography by Nobutada Omote

The use of foam bubbles in art works  can illustrate a complex, almost alien landscape of different contours and textures. Displayed in the right ambience, they can be a world away from the more sedate surroundings of a bubble bath!

Photography is by Nobutada Omote

The artist  Kohei Nawa used a combination of detergent, glycerine and water to create his stunning installation. Titled simply ‘Foam’ the piece was layered along an entirely black form producing an otherworldly effect of wonder.

Photography is by Nobutada Omote

“Small cells bubble up ceaselessly with the slight oscillations of a liquid,” said Nawa. “The cells gather together, totally covering the liquid as they spontaneously form a foam, an organically structured conglomeration of cells.”

‘Foam’ was showcased last Autumn at the Aichi Triennale, an art exhibition in Nagoya, Japan.

January 27th, 2014

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