Even in the age of smartphones, tablets and an app for just about everything, there will always be a place for beautifully designed stationery. Pens, pencils, notebooks, letters and envelopes can reliably bring out a hands-on creativity that puts the emphasis on doing and making, rather than simply being technologically ahead of the curve.

Kate Spade pencil set

Kate Spade Pencil Set at Dotmaison

The New York fashion design house Kate Spade is clearly a company that understands these ideas only too well. The creative power of the label’s home and office stationery equipment draws in top quality materials alongside fantastically artful ideas. This re-imagination of valuable tools using original ideas puts everyday items such as pencils, notebooks and paper-clips in a brand new light. In the case of the label’s paper-clips set, this brand new vision for the most humble of stationery items is called out loud and proud, as the expletive set below will testify to!

Kate Spade expletive paperclips

The spiral notebook (above) from the company is another classy item in the collection. Perfectly complementary with the other articles in the Kate Spade range, the stunning Gold Dots Spiral Notebook provides 112 lined pages of quality writing paper. A concealed spiral binding keeps everything in check and organised. Hopefully it can do that for the whirring of thoughts and ideas as well!  Contrasting a rich gold with a white background, the set takes a glamorous and artistically original take on keeping things together and neat.



Another truism noted by many creatives is that during long periods of letter writing, note taking or simply jotting down ideas it’s always a good idea to keep refreshed. Many writers can’t work for too long without a tea or a coffee to help them out, which is where the above might come in useful! The House of Cards Espresso Cup from Eames features pens and pencils to ensure the art of creativity is never too far from your thoughts. Even when on a break, its good to keep those creative juices flowing!

Take a look at Dotmaison, and find some new inspiration for stationary ideas. A fresh kick-start to your own creativity could well be the result…


May 13th, 2016

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