Taking a break from the stresses and strains of the daily routine with a hot drink is part of what makes life easier to negotiate! This is made even more true when it’s cold outside. A warming mug is often the way to cheer up and warm up at home and the office.

Having access to a collection of stylishly designed mugs offers this cheering aspect in full. The latest arrivals of brilliantly envisioned mugs here at Dotmaison bring a creativity and high level of production that are sure to brighten up any day.

Here are some of our favourite new mugs that offer a lovely way to take a break.

The Quite Big Love Mug by Orla Kiely brings a joyous retro design to the fore on a wonderful mug. The mugs are available in pink and green detailing on a white background, and are sure to provide a fantastic addition to your collection of mugs.

The unique design is true to Orla Kiely’s brand of quirky vision and brings out a playful and artistic way to enjoy a break and a hot drink. Made from durable bone china, the mugs are suitable for both dishwasher and microwave.

Continuing Orla Kiely’s theme of big love is the Quite Big Love Hearts Mug. This striking design showcases a retro styled collection of heart shapes and floral patterns in resplendent pink or green hues.

As with the other style of mug in this collection, the mugs are fantastically patterned all around the sides of the mug. Featuring the highest quality bone china, the mug is another way to realise the style and practicality of the production in your own collection.

Konitz is another design team wearing its heart on its sleeve! The Hearts Mug, Dandelion and the Hearts Mug, Clothes by Konitz are both beautiful ways to enjoy a refreshing hot drink.

Styled with a modern look towards Valentine’s Day – only just over two weeks away! – and produced in high quality porcelain, the two mugs are wonderfully creative and attractive.

Enjoy a break in style with these and many other options at Dotmaison!

January 28th, 2019

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