December is a busy time at home for many of us. Christmas, and everything that it entails, is fast approaching, and calendars and diaries quickly fill up! However, there’s always time for a break. And if there’s not, then you owe it to yourself to make some rearrangements!

Relaxing at home only needs a few details. First, a place to relax in comfort like the living room sofa or patio lounger. Second your favourite  snacks and drinks. And third, cups, bowls, glasses and trays to enjoy the provisions.

There’s definitely still time to think about adding some Christmas cheer to your convenient coffee equipment. The above Crumpled Cappuccino Cup, Santa Claus from Revol features the crumpled effect of portable plastic drinks containers. However, this stylish piece is certainly no throw away and discard item! Ideal for keeping hot drinks hot, the perfectly formed porcelain cup has been carefully produced to provide safe, hygienic and environmentally responsible drinks enjoyment.

Chilling out in the living room with some drinks and snacks is made even more relaxing when you can reliably transport things from kitchen to living area. The above Rothesay Trays by Bluebellgray are a delightfully expressive way to keep items secure and balanced. The watercolour prints across the varying sizes and shapes of tray beautifully display an elegance and creativity. Perfect for setting a relaxing frame of mind.

A stylish and wonderfully designed serving bowl is provided by the Patio Floral Individual Bowl by Kate Spade. The bowl is ideal for serving up both sides and snacks, and brings an elegant style to the fine art of relaxing. The bowls are produced from melamine and are free of lead, BPA and phthalate, so dining in confidence is always on offer.

Another serving bowl worthy of note for a relaxed time away from anything too busy is the Cone Serving Plate by Sagaform. Wonderfully styled with a decorative gold pine cone as its centrepiece, the serving plate is created from stunning white stoneware and is sure to be a real attention grabber whenever used. Perfect for use throughout the year, the bowl is another great piece for when you want to take it easy.

A light meal of a salad is perfectly served up in the For Me 3 Piece Salad Set by Villeroy & Boch. The premium porcelain bowl and two stainless steel servers are all you need to enjoy a small salad repast. Ideal for enjoying for the more tranquil times in the week, the set is perfect for enjoying both indoors and outside.

December 4th, 2018

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