There’s always time for tea – and if there isn’t, then just make it! Sip your brew of choice in style with the following choice items currently available at Dotmaison. Here are some selections of precisely what is required for a great cup of tea.


Take the Barcelona Stoneware Teapot by La Cafetiere (above). Making tea in a pot is always the better option for flavour and a superior brew. The Barcelona pot has been created from a luxurious ceramic and is ideal for two people to enjoy a cup or two. The removable filter makes it easy to clean and is suitable for either tea leaves or tea bags. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for tea lovers everywhere.  The variety of striking colours provided is another aspect destined to bring the pot straight to everyone’s attention.



The Pantone Mug is a classic that always demands attention. Available in as many colours as most people can think of, the 100% bone china mugs (above in black) have been newly designed by Room Copenhagen. The block of colour with the white band at the base displaying the specific colour code is instantly recognisable as a Pantone mug. Perfect for someone with unique tastes and preferences, the mugs make a perfect gift and something people like to return to again and again. Much like a great cup of tea in fact!

sugar bowl

The Hammershøi Sugar Bowl by Kähler is another great addition to the tool kit for the tea lover. Perfect for keeping the options open for those who like an extra sweetener with their tea, the bowl is coloured anthracite and provides a useful storage space. As well as sugar, the small ribbed bowl is also great for sauces and small snacks or sweets.

pantone tray


And after all that preparation it’s more than likely you will want to serve the tea! A return to the Pantone Universe and the Pantone Serving Tray fits the bill for this purpose exactly. Made from laminated Beech wood and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, these trays are ideal for carrying through tea and snacks through to any corner of the home in perfect style. So now enjoy a rest and a nice cup of tea!


October 21st, 2017

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