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Whatever the season, it’s always important to find the time to relax at home. For many of us, this involves sitting down in a comfortable spot and delving into a book or magazine. Here at Dotmaison we love it when there is space in the day to pick up a book and relax. To achieve… Read More

The key to rejuvenating a living room often lies in exactly how the place is furnished. By adding certain select designer items across the lounge area, it is possible to create a new look and feel without doing too much work. The skill comes in when choosing products that can bring an elegance and homely… Read More

It could well be said that the coffee table is the hardest working article of furniture in the whole home. It is often located in an interior that people use regularly, such as the living room or the hall. As such, it is important if it has some attention spent on it. Looking out for… Read More