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These delightful vases from London based designer Pia Wüstenberg combine wood, blown glass and thrown pottery. Described by the designer as a ‘series of functional sculptures for the home’, each of the containers consist of three separate pieces which combine to make a distinct whole. So called because of their ability to stack to create one… Read More

These wonderful vases from Yukihiro Kaneuchi are sculpted from sand. Based on the Japanese game of Bou-Toshi, where players take turns to remove sand from a mound supporting a central pole, the vases give the impression of being on the verge of collapse. A central glass tube supports the design and a covering of resin… Read More

Launching at Milan Design Week earlier in the year, London based designer Roger Arquer’s wonderfully innovative Touch Lamp Vase is a stylish and fun addition to the world of home lighting. Using touch sensitive technology, the lamp is turned on and off by touching the flowers in the adjoining vase. The lamps, marketed by design… Read More