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A room really becomes homely and comfortable when you start thinking about the finer details. By placing flowers and plants in attractively designed vases, you can bring out a fascinating centrepiece to the interior. Gorgeous vases look brilliantly inviting on a table top or standing free against a room wall. Either with flowers or without,… Read More

Flowers, as even someone with the slightest interest in interior design will tell you, can really make a room. Bringing colour and fragrance to even the smallest and poorly lit of spaces they stand out as an essential for the home lover. It stands to reason then that they need somewhere suitable to be contained… Read More

As a world, we waste millions of tonnes of plastic every year. Therefore it’s always heartening when it is recycled and put to good use. Not only are Phil Cuttance’s Weld Vases useful they are also¬†astonishingly beautiful.¬†¬†Created from discarded plastic collected from a London based fabricator, the vases show what is possible with a great… Read More