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Deciding what to wear each morning depends on where you’re going. It might be to work in the office, or doing some admin time at home, or it might be a holiday. In any case, making the right choice for what you have on can be made easier when clothes and shoes are organised and… Read More

Mirrors are items that we all rely on everyday. For dressing, grooming and preparing how we look, the use of mirrors is an essential. But going beyond the functional use of them, how can we apply the look and design of mirrors in a distinctive way around the home? The answer is in a variety… Read More

The full benefits of looking after plants, herbs and flowers are well known. Helping to keep plants healthy is a great way of relaxing and spending time away from work, and other responsibilities. The calming effect of knowing that you have to have an input in the well-being of your home plant-life is always something… Read More