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The fine design and practical manufacture of household items created to bring extra excitement into the home has always been a priority for XL Boom. Founded in 1997 by¬†Ann De Cock and Geert-Jan Van Cauwelaert, the firm has developed a specialist range of tableware, accessories and indoor and outdoor home items. The pair of designers… Read More

Films can inspire people to do all sorts of things. To travel, to learn, to create (or to simply watch more films) – the power of cinema can be an awesome influence. In the case of Marc Sadler, the 1982 cult sci-fi movie Tron inspired the designer to create this lovingly prepared table. Called TableTron,… Read More

This combination of a stool and small table from Henry&Co. display neat design work in a a wonderfully useful context. Created from lime wood topped with natural wax, the work was inspired by the famous sculptures of Bertelli. Smart and smooth, the original work displays imagination and a practical essence. Dutch Design Chair Sharing this… Read More