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This combination of a stool and small table from Henry&Co. display neat design work in a a wonderfully useful context. Created from lime wood topped with natural wax, the work was inspired by the famous sculptures of Bertelli. Smart and smooth, the original work displays imagination and a practical essence. Dutch Design Chair Sharing this… Read More

Seating is integral to the look and feel of any living space. A strong appearance of comfort and original design can breathe new life into even the most modest of spaces. This stool by Yen Hao Chen uses twisted metal in a remarkably enticing and creative way to create an exciting new seat for living… Read More

As any parent (or friend of a parent) knows, kids like nothing better than taking things apart and putting them back together again. That’s the basic idea behind design student Christina Sicoli’s puzzle stool, entitled Asterisk. Described by Christina as an ‘interactive learning experience for children’, the stool allows the child to be involved in… Read More