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If you happen to be searching the shops for luxurious skincare products it always helps the experience if the store itself reflect some of that luxury.  The Australian beauty and cosmetics brand Aesop clearly believe this, and their new shop in the centre of Berlin makes use of an expert interior design. The company’s flagship… Read More

Clothes shopping can sometimes be a bit like stepping into the shadows. The elements of curiosity and possibilities all add up to an experience that can be exhilarating with more than a hint of confusion. With their basement design for east London based menswear retailer Hostem, British designers JamesPlumb have turned all of this into a… Read More

As big fans of monochrome, it’s always a pleasure to come across an interior that uses the full capabilities of black and white – or to transpose and use the Italian, Bianco e nero. The Osaka, Japan based boutique using that evocative  name certainly puts across a powerful stylistic statement of intent. Clothing and items are displayed… Read More