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Often its the shoes that set apart a neat and stylish look. Having a properly card for and well looked after pair of shoes always makes the right impression. Everyone’s taste and sense of fashion differs, but one thing that every one can agree on is that shoes need to be treated well! Here at… Read More

Deciding what to wear each morning depends on where you’re going. It might be to work in the office, or doing some admin time at home, or it might be a holiday. In any case, making the right choice for what you have on can be made easier when clothes and shoes are organised and… Read More

Where there’s a road, there are feet to walk along it. This truism brings to mind the fact that walking feet require shoes to lessen the strain of the walk. And while we’re not all strong walkers, it’s fair to say that everyone needs to keep their shoes in good condition and looking at their… Read More