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There is nothing quite like a finely tailored suit to express a certain finesses and elegance to a person. When transposed onto seat or a sofa, a suite of seats can easily retain this particular class and fashionable authority. Designer Jorge Pensi certainly thought so, and his exploration of these ideas in his Afrika Sofa Collection highlights… Read More

What’s the best material to use when designing the best in practical and well designed seating? That’s the question asked by Italian designer Andrea Borgogni with his Maybe Chair. Wood, aluminium or both? Well, as the name suggests, it is all a big maybe… Acting as a hybrid of the two materials, the chair represents the perfect combination… Read More

We all appreciate a good relaxing sit down – but how much more satisfying is it when important things can be achieved while safely seated? That’s part of the idea of the Wind Up Chair from designers Pega, which is perfectly capable of charging your electronic devices while you sit. The user simply has to… Read More