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A new restaurant in Paris shows off a beautifully structured design of sophisticated artistry. Created by the British designer Tom Dixon, the work is the first commissioned French restaurant interior  project from his design office,  Design Research Studio. The Éclectic Restaurant uses a modern combination of brass, concrete marble and leather detailing to instil a fantastic atmosphere… Read More

The currywurst is something of a staple in the German capital of Berlin. The simple segmented hot-dog flavoured with a type of hot curry sauce can be seen throughout the city. So how does a product so quintessentially associated with one major city make it in another? Well, it certainly helps when the product has… Read More

As a modern symbol of the German capital, they don’t get much more recognisable than the Berlin TV tower. The Berliner Fernsehturm stands proudly in the centre of the city, seemingly drawing all attention to its core. What is perhaps less well known is that there is a modern fusion restaurant located very near its… Read More