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Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, USA With each year that goes past, the shiny plastic format known as Compact Discs appear to be going the way of the Dodo. Back in the 1980s they represented everything new and excited about music and sound recording, but now with other more convenient methods of storing data available, in the coming years… Read More

The choice of lighting in a home can make or break the ambience of a living area. This important aspect of home design is not always associated with ecological progress, which is why it is always heartening to find an advancement in such areas. Curiously named design Seattle studio Greypants have brought these two worlds… Read More

The fashion and design industry – some would say by its very nature – creates a terrific amount of waste product. Tons of perfectly usable material gets discarded every single day. In recognition of this fact, and being a practically minded sort of designer, Pepe Heykoop transforms the disused material in his Leather Loop series of stools. Using remnants… Read More