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Films can inspire people to do all sorts of things. To travel, to learn, to create (or to simply watch more films) – the power of cinema can be an awesome influence. In the case of Marc Sadler, the 1982 cult sci-fi movie Tron inspired the designer to create this lovingly prepared table. Called TableTron,… Read More

True lovers of tea will know that the soothing hot drink is best brewed in a pot. The lazy tea bag in a cup method might be quicker and involved less ‘work’, but it also results in a less satisfying cuppa. A teapot on the stove is one of the oldest methods but it brings… Read More

The classic design of the Rudder Table by the legendary designer Isamu Noguchi has received a re-generation from Herman Miller as part of their┬áHerman Miller Collection. Originally released in 1949, the Rudder Table received its name from the rudder shaped leg that supports the main frame of the table. The distinctive sculptural look is created… Read More