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When it’s time to begin arrangements for a get-together or party at home, there are always a few important things to take into consideration. As well as distributing the invites and preparing the home living and dining areas, you will need to make sure that serving and dining equipment is in place. But something of… Read More

Creating new ideas in the kitchen can begin with a variety of different things. First and foremost, there has to be the inspiration to try something different. It could be for a special occasion such as a family celebration, or an event when you want everyone to experience something original. Another fine way to draw… Read More

The holiday season is for many, all about meeting friends and family and celebrating the time of year with them. Here at Dotmaison we can totally understand that! And when it comes to celebrations, after Christmas time, the next big one to look forward is New Year’s Eve and the passing of another year.┬áNew Year’s… Read More